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Sibiu Tourist Guide

Calea Dumbrăvii, Sibiu

The following places can be found in Calea Dumbrăvii in Sibiu:

Casual Dining Restaurant

Eating out in Romania is generally a casual affair, with smoking/non-smoking rooms and, if you're lucky, some live music.

Carciuma din Batrani

Calea Dumbrăvii, Sibiu

T: 0269 252 948

Jacob Grillhouse

Calea Dumbrăvii, Nr. 142A, 550399 Sibiu

Woodfire Passion
Delicious hamburgers!

T: 0369 809 060

Sfera Restaurant

Calea Dumbrăvii, Nr. 153, Sibiu

Gasiti tot ce va doriti !

T: 0269 252 353
M: 0749 055 256

Simba Restaurant

Calea Dumbrăvii, Nr. 12, Sibiu

T: 0269 216 005
M: 0751 106 000

Takeaway, Sibiu

Looking for food on the run? There are a lot of great (and not so great) take-aways using fresh local ingredients to produce tasty treats.

Super Mama

Calea Dumbrăvii, Nr. 39, 550000 Sibiu

Pensiune, Sibiu

Numerous pensiuni provide comfortable private accommodation, with breakfast included and often their own restaurant.

Pensiunea Favorit

Calea Dumbrăvii, Nr. 52, Sibiu

M: 0745 160 201

Hotel, Sibiu

Hotel Ibis

Calea Dumbrăvii, Nr. 2-4, 550324 Sibiu

T: 0269 218 100

Simba Hotel

Calea Dumbrăvii, Nr. 12, Sibiu

One of the most luxurious 3-star hotels in the city.

T: 0269 216 005
M: 0751 106 000

Bar/Pub/Terasa, Sibiu

The Box

Calea Dumbrăvii, Nr. 24, Sibiu

Fine cocktails bar - the body is made of 90% water, and I'm thirsty

M: 0769 543 891

Club de noapte, Sibiu


Calea Dumbrăvii, Nr. 52, Sibiu

M: 0723 677 181

Muzeu, Sibiu

Muzeul in aer liber

Calea Dumbrăvii, Sibiu

Open air museum

Theatre, Sibiu

Casa de Cultura a Studentilor

Calea Dumbrăvii, Nr. 34a, Sibiu

T: 0269 212 883

Park/Zoo/Outdoor, Sibiu

Gradina Zoologica Sibiu

Calea Dumbrăvii, Nr. 142, Sibiu

Sibiu Zoo

T: 0269 240 476


There are plenty of places in Sibiu where you can work out or be pampered

Body Time

Calea Dumbrăvii, Nr. 74, 550324 Sibiu

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Antrenament personal Cel mai bun antrenament din lume cu cele mai bune rezultate in cel mai scurt timp acum in sibiu. Vino si tu la body time daca vrei...

T: 0369 809 028
M: 0741 563 427

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