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Sibiu Tourist Guide
Sibiu Tourist Guide

Piaţa Huet, Sibiu

The following places can be found in Piaţa Huet in Sibiu:

Pensiune, Sibiu

Numerous pensiuni provide comfortable private accommodation, with breakfast included and often their own restaurant.

HUET Residence

Piaţa Huet, Nr. 3, 550182 Sibiu

Kleines Cafe
With its refined atmosphere, offering a combination of independence and genuine hospitality, Huet Residence is the ideal choice for a stay in Sibiu. ...

M: 0727 999 111

Café, Sibiu

Open during the day for tea & coffee and also often alcoholic drinks and small snacks. Outdoor seating is popular during the summer months.

Cafe Wien

Piaţa Huet, Nr. 4, 550182 Sibiu

A piece of Vienna in Sibiu

T: 0269 223 223

Church/Biserica, Sibiu

Catedrala Evanghelică

Piaţa Huet, Nr. 1, 550182 Sibiu

Evangelical Lutheran Cathedral
The church comanages the Bruckenthal Art Museum and hosts tens of thousands of visitors who come every year to see and photograph the church. The three...

T: 0269 211 203

Cinema, Sibiu

Astra Film

Piaţa Huet, Nr. 12, Sibiu

T: 0269 210 134
M: 0756 085 778

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