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Sibiu Tourist Guide

Piaţa Mică, Sibiu

The following places can be found in Piaţa Mică in Sibiu:

Pizzeria, Sibiu

There is a lot of Italian cuisine on offer in Sibiu, especially in the summer months when hundreds of people gather on the terraces to share pizza.

UNION Pizzerie Restaurant

Piaţa Mică, Nr. 6, Sibiu

Casual Dining Restaurant

Eating out in Romania is generally a casual affair, with smoking/non-smoking rooms and, if you're lucky, some live music.

Spicy Restaurant

Piaţa Mică, Nr. 7, Sibiu

M: 0735 311 311

Tango Grill

Piaţa Mică, Nr. 23, 550182 Sibiu

Mancarea danseaza pe limba ta

M: 0754 709373

Traditional Restaurant, Sibiu

Some of the best restaurants in Sibiu, and most in surrounding villages, specialise in traditional Romanian or Saxon cuisine.

Restaurant Delis

Piaţa Mică, Nr. 29, 550182 Sibiu

M: 0747 399 252

Italian Restaurant, Sibiu


Piaţa Mică, Nr. 7, Sibiu

Another new face on Piaţa Mică in 2011. Specialising in pizza, pasta and salads with fresh ingredients.

Greek Restaurant, Sibiu

Zorba Greek Restaurant

Piaţa Mică, Nr. 8, Sibiu

A new face on Piata Mica in 2011. Relaxed, smoke-free, environment with a nautical theme. Tasty Greek cuisine - grilled meat, fish and salads.

M: 0731 909 111

Hostel, Sibiu

Hostels offer shared accommodation and a small breakfast. Some also have private rooms. A great place to meet fellow travellers.

The Old Town Hostel

Piaţa Mică, Nr. 26, 550182 Sibiu

T: 0269 216 445

Hotel, Sibiu

Hotel Casa Luxemburg

Piaţa Mică, Nr. 16, 550182 Sibiu

Each room has its particular style and you can choose to stay in any of them enjoying picturesque views of the Liars' Bridge, the Evangelic Cathedral...

T: 0269 216 854

Villa Astoria

Piaţa Mică, Nr. 31, 550182 Sibiu

Villa Astoria Hotels proposed to create buildings in a prestigious atmosphere of a refined luxury for lovers of both classic and also to participate in...

T: 0369 446 917

Café, Sibiu

Open during the day for tea & coffee and also often alcoholic drinks and small snacks. Outdoor seating is popular during the summer months.

Atrium Classic Cafe

Piaţa Mică, Nr. 16, 550182 Sibiu

T: 0269 242 000
M: 0723 ATRIUM

Il Cappuccino

Piaţa Mică, Nr. 14, Sibiu

M: 0733 937 591

Lili's Café

Piaţa Mică, Nr. 30, Sibiu

Restaurantul Lili's este situat în centrul Sibiului, în Piaţa Mică, fiind un local îmbietor şi plin de individualitate. Iubirea pentru câini a...

M: 0746 956 199

Bar/Pub/Terasa, Sibiu

Bohemian Flow - Art & Pub

Piaţa Mică, Nr. 26, 550182 Sibiu

T: 0269 218 388
M: 0758 888 558

Café Einstein

Piaţa Mică, Nr. 13, Sibiu

T: 0269 242 424
M: 0727 212 121

Crama Naţional

Piaţa Mică, Nr. 18, Sibiu

Go In

Piaţa Mică, Nr. 9, Sibiu

Kulturcafe Sigi

Piaţa Mică, Nr. 16, 550182 Sibiu

We often organise cultural events like photography, painting or graphics exhibitions as well as karnevals, aftershow partys and jam sessions.

T: 0269 244 036
M: 0736 661 337

Music Pub

Piaţa Mică, Nr. 23, 550182 Sibiu

Enjoy every Thursday our house band: Electric Band. Live from 21:30 to early in the morning!

M: 0369 448 326


Piaţa Mică, Nr. 27, 550180 Sibiu

Prietenii tai sunt deja aici!
Cafeaua de origine și cocktail-urile concept se vor descoperite de voi, la NOD PUB.

M: 0745047070

Old Friends

Piaţa Mică, Nr. 13, Sibiu

Pub & more

T: 0269 211 488
M: 0733 672 191

Club de noapte, Sibiu

UNION Retro Club

Piaţa Mică, Nr. 6, Sibiu

Information Point, Sibiu

Casa Luxemburg

Piaţa Mică, Nr. 16, 550182 Sibiu

Muzeu, Sibiu

Muzeul de Etnografie Universală 'Franz Binder'

Piaţa Mică, Nr. 11, Sibiu

The 'Franz Binder' World Ethnographic Museum

Muzeul de Istorie a farmaciei

Piaţa Mică, Nr. 26, 550182 Sibiu

Galerie de artă, Sibiu

Atrium Galeria de Artă

Piaţa Mică, Nr. 16, 550182 Sibiu

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