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Sibiu Tourist Guide

Strada Cetății, Sibiu

The following places can be found in Strada Cetății in Sibiu:

Pensiune, Sibiu

Numerous pensiuni provide comfortable private accommodation, with breakfast included and often their own restaurant.

Casa Salzburg

Strada Cetății, Nr. 46, Sibiu

Salzburg House invites you to feel the pulse of the city directly from its heart! The atmosphere impregnated with style, culture and architectural beauty...

T: 0369 450 991
M: 0745 545 197

Club de noapte, Sibiu

Insomnia Club

Strada Cetății, Nr. 32, Sibiu

M: 0761 819 883

Muzeu, Sibiu

Muzeul de Istorie Naturală

Strada Cetății, Nr. 1, 550169 Sibiu

The Museum of Natural History

T: 0369 101 782

Concert Hall/Stadium, Sibiu

Filarmoncii de Stat Sibiu

Strada Cetății, Nr. 3-5, 550160 Sibiu

The State Philharmonic of Sibiu
During the 19th century, great European musicians played in Sibiu: Franz Liszt, Johan Strauss, Johannes Brahms, Joseph Joachim, Richard Strauss and others....

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